A message to our supporters: The entertainment industry has been hit hard by the Corona crisis, We have all been sitting at home with no work and no income since March, and there is no end in sight. Please don’t let this essential infrastructure wither and die. The Corona crisis will end sooner or later, and we will need all hands on deck for when we can enjoy music again, the way it was intended. Together!

We ask for your support by purchasing this t-shirt which bear the same terms that have been keeping us down and out of work, and turn the table on it. Let the terms work for us, NOT against. All net proceeds will go towards sustaining the workers and preserving the entertainment industry! “Don't let Corona take our music away!!

By buying our products we support the following:

Brasil : Top Link

Canada : Hard Impact 

Denmark : Instromental Europe

Finland : All Things Live

France : Access Live

Germany : Dragon Productions

Holland : Vain Productions- Baroeg - Forzarock

Hungary : Livesound Hu

Italy : Rock On Agency

Lituania : Die Hard Agency

Poland : Massive Music

Portugal : Notredam Productions

Romania : Pro Music Events

Slovakia : A P Media Productions

Spain : Madness Live

Suisse : The Best of Underground

UK : Born Again Concerts

USA : World Entertainement Inc


Brasil : Semblant

Chile : Crisalida

Greece : Septicflesh

India : Systemhouse 33

Israel : Orphaned Land

Russia : Imperial Age

Sweden : Bonafide